Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Natural Hair Update: Braid out Pin up

Hello Luvs! I have so much to discuss in today. I will touching on the status of my NATURAL hair being COLOR TREATED, Hair School, and one of my most recent styled that I posted on YOUTUBE.


As of the end of this month, I will be beginning classes at John Amico Beauty School. I had to home and take a break from school at ISU due to extenuating circumstances, and I decided in the mean while I might as well get my license.


 So as I discussed in my previous post, I colored my hair about 2 months ago. I did a copper color in the top. Not the whole front just the crown and a brown on the remainder. Prior to the color, I would say that my hair was a mixture of a 3c and a 4c. After washing my hair I did notice that my edges at the nape area, became completely loose, to the point where if I bushes it up or do a blow up it looks completely straight. For the most part, I like it because curls on rest of my head, is really pretty, but the texture definitely changed.


So I have just fallen in love with braid outs! I did a funky pin up and I loved it sooo much that I recreated in and did a video on it (below). What I did is co-washed it and did individual braids. Once they were dry, I pined up one side and the back and fluffed, and spiked the bangs. In this vid, I also did sort of a product review of the John Amico products that I received on my visits to the school. Check it out and see what I had to say about it!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hair Update: Cut, Color, STRAIGHT!!!!!!

A couple of weeks of ago, I got bored with my hair (again) and I decided to do something different, so I went to Harmony Salon and Day Spa here in Bloomington and I got my hair colored and I got a "silk" flat iron.

I got my hair colored with a cooper red in the top and chocolate brown on the bottom.

But, of course that didn't last too long. A couple of days later my hair got puffy and I remember the one thing I hated about my hair when it was relaxed, It wouldn't behave and I would have to flat iron it. I'm not real big on putting a lot of heat on my hair so I just washed it.

I think it looks great and a lot more interesting with the color!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Junkie Spotlight: My Zuniverse

I found this unique jewelry line on YouTube. Aren't they FEIRCE???? Tell me what you think.

Check the site Here

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What I'm Rockin: Model Model "Carmen"

I found out about this wig from Ateya of Smuve Complexions.

Check out her You Tube Channel

Monday, November 29, 2010

Very Funny!!!! ROTFLMBO

I this is soooo off subject, but sooooooo hilarious.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Seven Months Natural (Update)

Hey loves! I just wanted to update you on my hair growth. Like I said before, I just took down my yarn braids a couple of weeks ago. I've been rocking my natural hair, until I decide, what protective style I want to put in next. As of the 11/17/10, I have been natural for 7 months and my hair is growing ya'll! (YAY!!!!) Soooooo happy with my progress but I gotta keep going until I reach my goal length!

Starting Point: A couple of weeks after the BC


Stretched - After yarn braid take down

Shrinkage - After washing

1st Blow-out

Double strand Twist

Twist-out Pin-up

Twist-out Fro with Bangs

These are some of my natural hair role models

Traci Ellis Ross

Leela James (my goal length)
 Jill Scott

Erykah Badu

Monday, November 8, 2010

Back from My Hiatuis

Okay I know I've been slacking as far as update you guys whats going on with my hair. Well about a month and a half ago I put my yarn braids back in. LOVE them. I think that will forever go to protective style.

I began taking them down yesterday because some of them were lose and I wanted to tighten them up until I found this video on YouTube by trmic19977. So now I just want to take them down because I'm missing my quick weaves.

Now I'm kinda in between if I want to make a quick weave wig or just do a crochet. Once I make up my mind I will keep you guys updated!